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Scuba Diving Tanks & Scuba Gear Tank Alternatives

A hookah accumulator tank (sometimes called a reserve tank, or receiver tank) can be used with a surface-supplied air diving system (hookah dive system) to store pressurized air produced by the system compressor. The perfect scuba diving tank alternative, the hookah dive system consists of an air compressor at the surface that continually pumps air to divers through long hoses. This alternative to using a scuba diving tank frees the divers from wearing heavy, bulky diving tanks on their back, so they have unencumbered freedom of movement like snorkeling, but with unlimited air. Hookah dive systems are more compact and lighter weight than comparable scuba gear with scuba diving tanks.


A hookah accumulator tank is designed for lower pressure than a scuba tank. It remains at the surface near the air compressor where it stores reserve air from the compressor. An accumulator tank is not required on our hookah dive systems, unless one has a specialized application. They are generally only used in commercial applications where the divers may need the availability of large volumes of air for use with special equipment (e.g., lift bags, salvage pontoons, pneumatic tools, etc.).

To learn more about the hookah air line diving system, contact The Air Line.