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Compare Scuba vs. Hookah
Comparison is based upon three conservatively priced sets of Scuba dive equipment with three tanks each, against the Air Line's Model R360XL as a three diver package, which will run for three hours. It will, therefore, compare, fairly with scuba diver equipment based upon assumption that one scuba cylinder will provide one hour of down time.
Initial cost:
Run time per fill
1 hr. per tank
3 hrs. per fueling
Cost per hr. per diver:
28 cents
Operating cost for three divers x 3 hrs.
*Cost of transport to fill station not included.
**$36.00 of gas @ $4.00 per gallon, would provide 43 total hours underwater on an Air Line system. (Not a typo. Three people on an Air Line diving four hours each weekend, would dive for 10.7 WEEKENDS as opposed to 0.75 WEEKENDS on traditional Scuba dive equipment for sale by other scuba dive system manufacturers )

Here we compare the space and weight of traditional scuba diver equipment and Hookah dive equipment’s. The following compares the same equipment as it would appear neatly organized on deck, before being strewn about in preparation to wearing. Does not include personal gear or weights. (Note: hookah generally requires less weight as buoyancy compensation is, technically, not an issue.)
Total weight
Organized deck space
20 sq. ft.
5 sq. ft.

But this is the real
"Why of Hookah"

An alternative to traditional scuba dive equipment is The Air Line’s Hookah Scuba Direct-Drive System

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