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"The Original Direct Drive Hookah"
Benefits of the Air Line Direct Drive Hookah Diving Gear

The features explained below are common to all gas-powered Air Line hookah dive gear compressors.

Each hookah dive gear unit comes with an acrylic Electro-coat of the housing, head, vented cover, valve plate, and pistod rod tops.  These are all the places that will be directly subjected to the effects of a salty environment.  This vented compressor cover accomplished multiple purposes.


 1. The operating temperature of the bearings is reduced by 50 degrees, a signification factor in service life.  This is accomplished by heat dissipation through the large vent which is aided by a large, shaft-mounted, cooling fan.

2. After the dive day, the bearing and rod can be rinsed with fresh water to remove salt deposits, without any disassembly. Our detractors claim that the vented cover encourages intrusion of salt. But think about this: A compressor will generate heat, which must, somehow, be exhausted. All compressors have at least slits for that purpose. Salty air WILL intrude. If you can't easily deal with washing it out, you can expect eventual failure. 

The Air Line's hookah diving gear consists of U.S. made compressors (which are backed up by Thomas Industries, the largest compressor manufacturer in the world) mounted on Honda commercial grade engines.

By working with  this industry giant, The Air Line re-powered and reconfigured an existing technology, proven in the construction industry, and tweaked it for our niche market. With our close association with Thomas, you are assured of comprehensive, worldwide warranty and service at close to one thousand locations. (Think about that when you're traveling) Our customers can deal directly, and very often locally, with factory trained experts on repair and maintenance issues. This, however, is a rare occurrence as the compressors have features, proprietary to The Air Line that keep them in service. The "worldwide warranty" thing is significant not just in availability of service, but it certainly should tell a story about quality.

You can purchase the Air Line's hookah dive gear directly from the Air Line on this site, by telephone, or at a dealer near you.

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