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BackThe Mantis Mask.

Finally---A professional full-face mask that won't require a second job to afford like other full face scuba diving masks!

Comfort to the Nth (maybe even as high as the Oth) degree. No mouthpiece to bite down on.

Breathe through mouth or nose. Totally eliminates jaw fatigue from using a traditional scuba mask and regulator with mouth piece. Terrific choice for extended dive times, denture wearers, or those who simply would rather not use a mouthpiece.

  • Five-way, orbital, spider straps for a perfect fit on your somewhat perfect face.

  • Anti-fog treated (Hmm).

  • Side port for octopus regulator when used with scuba.

  • Communications port (see options below).

  • Available in clear or black silicone only. (If necessary, we'll sell the black as "Noir Chic")

  • Equalizes same as a conventional mask.

  • Purge valve perfectly positioned under chin. Expel water with slight exhalation. However, it is a very, very dry mask.

  • Accepts any regulator, scuba or Air Line Hookah. (Regulator not included)

  • Hundreds of dollars less than other full face scuba masks with similar features.

Mantis FFM
Qty: Price: $299.00

The Buddy Phone (Diver-to diver) For the working diver or to simply share the fun. "Hey look Marge, what's that big gray thing with all the teeth?" "I didn't know your mother could dive!"

  • Single Sideband Acoustic Telephone

  • An ultrasonic transceiver powered by a 9 Volt transistor battery (not included) that allows clear communication between divers up to 500 meters, depending upon obstructions, sea and bottom conditions.

  • Audible, low battery alert.

  • Push-to-Talk sound activation eliminates the confusion and delay of voice activated systems.

  • Fully automatic squelch control. Distinguishes between noise and voice.

  • A true, telephone receiving system on the ear canal that does not require "translation" through the mastoid bone.

  • Max operating depth of 130 feet if paying by credit card, 150 feet if by cash.


MTS Buddy Phone (diver to diver)
Qty: Price: $799.00

Think you can get away?  THINK AGAIN!

The Buddy Phone Surface Unit.  (Surface to diver and back)

  • Nominal range of 160 feet to 1,624 feet, 7-1/2 inches, depending upon conditions.

  • Reference Frequency: 32.768 kHz upper single sideband.

  • Audio Bandwidth: 300 to 3,000 Hz

  • Microphone: Hand-held, push-to-talk

  • Transducer: Ceramic cylinder attached to 35' cable, which gets lowered into water.

  • Battery type/life: Eight AA Alkaline/10 hours

  • Low battery alarm: Audible, beep every 60 seconds when battery goes below Seven volts.

  • 12 Volt External power via front panel plug.

  • Housing dimensions: 9.0 W X 7.85 H X 3.4 D.


Surface to Diver Communicator
Qty: Price: $1259.00