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"The Original Direct Drive Hookah"

Already Own Scuba Dive Gear,
But Rather Not Wear It?

Don’t buy traditional Scuba dive gear online before you check out the Hookah dive gear online.

Tank not included. Shown for concept only
(although it is half off.)

Our alternative to scuba diver gear (shown with both 1st and 2nd stage regulator option, see below), for those times when you want to leave the tank topside.

All packages include;

  • At the topside end, a 24" 1st stage whip hose that connects to a low pressure port on a regulator1st stage.
  • A 40', 60', or 100' down hose with swiveled hose fittings at both ends to prevent the hose from kinking.
  • At the diver's end, a 38" 2nd stage whip hose with a standard 2nd stage regulator body fitting to attach a regulator second stage.
  • Tow belt that the hose clips onto, so the diver is towing the hose from the back, waist area.
  • Logo'd carrying bag.
  • Hose retention strap.
  • All hose fittings are solid-brass, nickel-plated fittings. No plastic fittings here.


Can be ordered in three lengths and three variations.

  • As hose only (TR40, 60 or 100),
    • To install;
      • Remove your short scuba 2nd stage whip hose from your 1st stage,
      • Remove the scuba whip hose from your 2nd stage,
      • Attach the TRxx hose between your 1st and 2nd stages.
  • As hose with dedicated 2nd stage (TR40-2, TR60-2 or TR100-2).
    • To install;
      • Remove your short scuba 2nd stage whip hose from your 1st stage,
      • Attach the TRxx-2 hose to the low pressure port on your 1st stage where you removed the scuba 2nd stage whip hose.
  • As hose with full 1st and 2nd stages as shown in photo (TR40-R, TR60-R or TR100-R).
    • To install;
      • There is no installation!
      • Just attach the included 1st stage to your tank.


A dedicated 1-Inch Button SPG pressure gauge may be ordered.

Rated to 5000 psi in 1000 psi increments, our 1-inch Button SPG is ideal for use with our TR hoses, or pony, Argon and bailout bottles when all you need is an indication of full or empty. A color-coded scale helps ensure an accurate read. Fits standard, 7/16-inch high pressure port of any first stage regulator. No hose required. Chrome plated brass with a polycarbonate face resists corrosion and scratches.


** It is The Air Line's recommendation that you incorporate a dedicated second stage regulator to your TR hose (Indicated as TRxx-2).

  • If you have an unused octopus, from other diver gear, or;
  • we can supply you with a very high quality, Dive-Rite one,
  • it is most convenient to have one attached, full-time to the hose rather than attaching it back and forth between the TR hose and the conventional scuba gear hose.

Of course, the most convenient way is to always be ready by ordering the system complete with first and second stages, so no disassembly/assembly is required. (Indicated as TR-R).


TR40 Tank Regulator Hose
Qty: Price: $130.00

TR60 Tank Regulator Hose
Qty: Price: $160.00

TR100 Tank Regulator Hose
Qty: Price: $210.00

Button SPG Pressure Gauge
Qty: Price: $29.00


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